About Me

I have received Ph.D. in Physics under supervision of Prof V Venkataraman, Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. The major focus of my Ph.D. work was developing novel fabrication and measurement techniques which includes the growth of different types of materials for nanoelectronics devices such as thin film transistors and memory devices.

I have received my Under Graduate Degree ( BSc) with Honours in Physics in 2009 from St. Paul s Cathedral Mission College, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India

I was brought up in a very small village named as Ballavpur of Purba Medinipur District in West Bengal where I completed my primary schooling. Then I moved to Kolkata to be a graduate. After that to Bengaluru for Post Graduation and PhD.

Extracurricular Activities

[A] Contribution on Bengali Literature: Published Short story "PUTUL" by AAGDUM BAAGDUM (2010) at Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, India
[B] Contribution on Bengali Literature: Best Short Story "KANUR SWAPNO" published in SUKTARA(A Children's magazine) on 2009
[C] Contribution on Bengali Literature: Best Short Story "SHIB RATRIR SOLTE" & "RATARNAR GOLPO" among 3,000 story selected by FM Rainbow(Calcutta) "GOLPO BOLAR KHELA" on 2007
[D] Hindustani classical music (TABLA): Performed on stage from 1996 to 2000


Proficient English (US & UK), Hindi and Bengali
Partially Oriya


Computer Proficiency

C, C++, MATLAB, HTML, Mathematica, Auto CAD, CAM 350, Cle Win, Origin, Corel DRAW, LaTeX, Image J, Lab View, Complete EASE and CORELDRAW10, Multisim


Natural India

=>IISc at Winter Bengaluru at Summer<=

=>Bengaluru at spring Flower of Winter<=

=>Flower of Summer Flower at Spring<=

=>Sky at winter Sky at Summer<=

=>Water fall at Bengaluru

Cultural India

=>Diwali at IISc Goddess Saraswati and my Mother at my Home<=

=>Folk Culture Cultural Program by Kids at IISc<=

=>Future Indian Natural Beauty<=

Cultural India

=>Old Physics Building of IISc St. Pauls C M College<=

=>My Home (New) My Home (Old), Not there now<=

=>Integrated PhD-2009 batch First day of Joining(8th may '10), Semiconductor Laboratory (Old Physics Building)<=


Importnat Liks

USEFUL: Belurmath Gymkhana,IISc Student Council,IISc