About Me

I am an Integrated Research Scholar (PhD with MS Degree). I am involve with a research project, development of model of electron transport through dielectric-semiconductor material under supervision of Prof V Venkataraman, Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

I have received my Under Graduate Degree ( BSc) with Honours in Physics in 2009 from St. Paul s Cathedral Mission College, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India

I was brought up in a very small village named as Ballavpur of Purba Medinipur District in West Bengal where I completed my primary schooling. Then I moved to Kolkata to be a graduate. After that to Bengaluru for Post Graduation and PhD.

Extracurricular Activities

[A] Contribution on Bengali Literature: Published Short story "PUTUL" by AAGDUM BAAGDUM (2010) at Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, India
[B] Contribution on Bengali Literature: Best Short Story "KANUR SWAPNO" published in SUKTARA(A Children's magazine) on 2009
[C] Contribution on Bengali Literature: Best Short Story "SHIB RATRIR SOLTE" & "RATARNAR GOLPO" among 3,000 story selected by FM Rainbow(Calcutta) "GOLPO BOLAR KHELA" on 2007
[D] Hindustani classical music (TABLA): Performed on stage from 1996 to 2000


Proficient English (US & UK), Hindi and Bengali
Partially Oriya


Computer Proficiency

C, C++, MATLAB, HTML, Mathematica, Auto CAD, CAM 350, Cle Win, Origin, Corel DRAW, LaTeX, Image J, Lab View, Complete EASE and CORELDRAW10, Multisim


Natural India

=>IISc at Winter Bengaluru at Summer<=

=>Bengaluru at spring Flower of Winter<=

=>Flower of Summer Flower at Spring<=

=>Sky at winter Sky at Summer<=

=>Water fall at Bengaluru

Cultural India

=>Diwali at IISc Goddess Saraswati and my Mother at my Home<=

=>Folk Culture Cultural Program by Kids at IISc<=

=>Future Indian Natural Beauty<=

Cultural India

=>Old Physics Building of IISc St. Pauls C M College<=

=>My Home (New) My Home (Old), Not there now<=

=>Integrated PhD-2009 batch First day of Joining(8th may '10), Semiconductor Laboratory (Old Physics Building)<=


Importnat Liks

USEFUL: Belurmath Gymkhana,IISc Student Council,IISc